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The purpose of this site is to share a collection of old Mathematical Pie magazines with students and teachers of Mathematics, or anyone else who has an interest in the subject. These magazines contain a diverse selection of articles and puzzles relating to Mathematics, and issue Number One appeared in 1950. But, of course, the subject is timeless!

Click here for full size original imageFor those of you who are familiar with the magazine, and how it used to print the continuous decimal places of π at the bottom of each page - you will see that issue Number 18 has the start of the number 'π = 3.14159 .....'! Click on the image to the right to see the original scan of that issue.

I am grateful to a number of people over the last few years who have contributed magazines that have now brought the collection up to over 100 issues. They include Bernard Cook, who gave to me the initial selection of old issues, whilst we were colleagues in the Mathematics Department of the local F.E. college. Others subequently filled in the gaps, or supplied better copies, they include Paul Weighill, Louise Grogan, Rob Cairns, Guy Martland, Malcolm Drewett, and John Nicholson whose contribution took the collection up to issue 102.

I have now completed the upgrading of the site to include pdf files for all of the magazines, 102 issues! This will facilitate better reading of the magazines. For each issue click on 'Print Booklet' to open Adobe Acrobat Reader, then with A4 paper, print double sided and you can produce the A5 booklet copy of the magazine.

My thanks, also, to Nigel Collins, son of Roland Collins, one of the founders of the magazine back in 1950. You can see the details, supplied by Nigel, relating to the history of the publication by clicking on the links below.

New feature, you are now just 4 clicks away from downloading all 102 magazines as pdf files that may be printed, click on any of the buttons below:

Click Here for Nos 1 to 25
]Click Here for Nos 26 to 50
Click Here for Nos 51 to 76
Click Here for Nos 77 to 102

Some important tips when printing the magazines:
1. Orientation of paper is 'Landscape'
2. When Double Sided printing, 'Flip on the Short Edge'
3. Page Scaling should be 'Fit to Printable Area'

View History of Pie founded by Roland Collins in 1950
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Issue Numbers
Number 1
October 1950
Print Booklet
Number 2
February 1951
Print Booklet
Number 4
October 1951
Print Booklet
Number 5
February 1952
Print Booklet
Number 7
October 1952
Print Booklet
Number 8
February 1953
Print Booklet
Number 11
February 1954
Print Booklet
Number 14
February 1955
Print Booklet
Number 17
February 1956
Print Booklet
Number 20
February 1957
Print Booklet
Number 23
February 1958
Print Booklet
Number 26
February 1959
Print Booklet
Number 35
February 1962
Print Booklet
Number 37
October 1962
Print Booklet
Number 38
February 1963
Print Booklet
Number 40
October 1963
Print Booklet
Number 41
February 1964
Print Booklet
Number 44
February 1965
Print Booklet
Number 46
October 1965
Print Booklet
Number 47
February 1966
Print Booklet
Number 50
February 1967
Print Booklet
Number 52
October 1967
Print Booklet

Number 54
Summer 1968
Print Booklet

Number 82
Autumn 1977
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The Mathematical Association
The Mathematical Association currently publish Mathematical Pie. I have contacted them about the content of this website, and they are happy for this project to continue.
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